Our Capabilities
Applied Physics
CMOS Development
Computational Optimization
Electrical Engineering
Failure Analysis
Image Processing
Industrial Design
In-house Manufacturing
Industrial Engineering
Intellectual Property
Mechanical Engineering
MEMS CMOS Manufacture
MEMS CMOS Packaging
MEMS Device Development
MEMS Process
Modelling and Simulation
Molecular Design
Molecular Electronics
Process Engineering
Project Management
Quality Systems
Reliability Engineering
Secure Systems
Software Engineering
Supply Chain
Systems Engineering

The essence of Silverbrook Research is the ability to innovate, invent new technology and then realize this in manufacturable products. We provide a range of services including complete product development as well as advanced science, engineering, manufacturing and protection of intellectual property.

We believe in the active protection of intellectual property to create sustainable competitive advantages and ‘backstop value’ for our clients. Silverbrook Research is one of the world’s leaders in innovation and invention. Since 2006, Silverbrook Research was ranked in the “US Patent Top 50” listing of the most inventive companies in the world. Silverbrook has over 4,500 patents granted in the US, with commensurate patents filed internationally.

Our unique multi-disciplinary team has the proven ability to deliver across a diverse set of technically challenging projects.

Silverbrook Research has strong relationships with high volume manufacturing partners in many locations across the world. Our clients can leverage these relationships to manufacture products in a cost effective and efficient manner.

We support a range of business models for our clients. Talk to us about your requirements.

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